Currently this fee varies depending on the state where you are, generally apply for a car title loan in California is not limited and as this tend to have countless changes or variants can set from 30% or 360% annual, i.e. if the customer borrows $1,000 must cancel $1,300 $ each end of the month (day 30).

Although the fee ranges between $25 and $30, in other states of the country these loans are usually regulated, in this case, in California there is no problem with it. Keep in mind that some lenders charge different things such as origination fees, documents, key or processing, it all depends on the lender.

What advice should I take into account before making a car title loan in California?

One of the main points to keep in mind that this type of procedures is a little cautious, that is, to apply for a car title loan, in addition to having the necessary documentation, the vehicle must be in excellent condition, as if it were just taken out of a dealership and must also have a good functioning.

It is very important to clean the car, because if you want your loan has greater demand for money, having it optimized and clean for use will add many points to the process, as this is taken into account by the lender, you have to remove the clutter and cobwebs from your car and will have everything in your favor.

If you want to emerge satisfied and victorious when apply for a car title loan, you must keep in mind that this point of cleanliness is very important. If you don’t have the time to do it, you can pay someone else to do it for you or take it to a car spa, it’s better to invest a little to get better results.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about California Auto Title Loans

I know that there are many questions in your head before you apply for a car title loan inside California, and these are some of the most frequent questions: What if I don’t have auto insurance? Can I get more than one car title loan? How long will it take me to repay the money once I get the loan?

And for all of them we have an answer: if you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay for all the repairs of your car out of your pocket, the best thing is that you have insurance. Another recommendation is that don’t must make more than one auto title loan, cause could be drowned in debt and lose everything, the best option is to apply for one and then another once finished.

And with regard to how long you will have to pay for the process after apply for a car title loan, it all depends on your ability and the payment plan made in the contract by the agency of loans.